Contemplations / Kontemplácie (2017)

The watches where you can read the time only when you touch the porcelain dial, otherwise it disappears. The form refers to human need for tactility and experience. Not obvious way of use mediates the need for being in presence. For many, art makes people staying in presence. But could also design bring this state of mind? Could the relationship between an user and an object of use communicate intangibility and subjectivity of time? And could an artist stay in presence despite the repetitive character of making small-series design? Paintings on the dial become zen gestures, tracks of mine in time. Watches were my diploma work, for which I was awarded by rector of Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Bratislava.

Diplomová práca ocenená Cenou rektora VŠVU v roku 2017. Porcelánové hodinky, na ktorých je možné čítať čas vo chvíli, keď sa ich dotýkame, inak tieň ručičiek mizne. Nesamozrejmý, spôsob narábania s predmetom odkazuje na ľudskú potrebu hapticky zakúšať vlastnú časovosť na pozadí zrýchľújúceho sa života v technokratickej spoločnosti.

Technical information:
Bone China porcelain, silver and steel components, touch sensor technology
and wireless charging technology. On photos are functional prototypes.
Paintings made with water-soluble salts and pigments, burned at 1270°C.
watches diameter: 54mm, thickness10mm
wireless charger in diameter: 100mm, thickness 20mm